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Who we are

We started our business in the vibrant information technology & telecom solutions & services, market with the primary focus of customer service. From our modest beginning, we have established a very good track record with our corporate clients with regards to providing them the desired requirements at their required time.

Our IT service Portfolio

  • Physical Security.
  • Network Solutions.
  • Network Infrastructure.
  • Data Security.
  • Data Center Solutions.
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration

Network solutions

  • Network Management.
  • Wan Optimization Routing & Switching.
  • SDN (Software Driven Networks).
  • SDC (Software Driven Data Center).
  • Load Balancing

Why Intellectual Bs

Distinguished References

Our outstanding record in catering to the security needs of the top players in all the industries we work with, armed with years of experience and extensive know-how, allows us to offer, not just products or services, but customized comprehensive solutions that suites your company’s current and future needs

Fostering Relationships

We understand that business relations are the foundation of success, and that’s why our priority is to build strong lasting relations with our customers, and our partners. We see our
clients’ business as ours, and we work continuously on bettering and fostering global partnerships, to be able to provide the optimum know-how and support to our customers

Intellectualbs Property

Our extensive work across many fields has enabled us to build a massive use case library that covers a vast array of attacks. This has familiarized us, and prepared us with our clients to almost all types of potential hazard We also developed using Artificial Intelligence as a solution for Advanced Threat Protection to protect your organization before any attack happens.

Our Products

IT Area

Key Solution

Key Services

Efficient Servers for the Enterprise

INTELLECTUAL Business Solution especially deal in the establishment and subsequent maintenance Services of the on-site Servers for the companies. Our Team of storage and Networking experts is adopt in assessing the Data Processing requirements of the Enterprise and deliver resonant Server cum storage Solutions. Over the past decade we have developed wide ranging expertize in establishing reliable data and processing platforms with the frontline Products.
INTELLECTUAL business solution has emerged as a market competitor on account of responsive and efficient delivery of Services Just-in-Time (JIT).To work as a team with our clients, under-standing their key challenges and delivering the best products & Services to meet their expectations lead to success the projects.

Our customers

"Amazing Quality Work!"

World Class Vendors

In order to provide the best Products and Solutions, we have a Partner ecosystem built to deliver the superior Business value based on best-in-class technology. We worked hand-in-hand with selected world class Vendors specializing in different IT Infrastructure Solutions. It is the best way we know to strengthen our own unique portfolio in the area of advanced networking products and services. Leveraging complementary capabilities allows us to add superior value to our client’s Business. We maximize their Business productivity through comprehensive intelligent products and services. Our expertise as Business technologists matched with that of our partner enables us to constantly meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

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Our outstanding record in catering to the security needs of the top players